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In the broad daylight of noon, at the crowded street in the posh locality where luxury malls studded the landscape with iconic buildings, there is a sudden cry. Within seconds people start shrieking and moving away from a particular spot at the center of the pavement, where a body of a man lay, covered with blood. A murder in the daylight. People start running everywhere, and in that chaos and pandemonium, a man walks away briskly towards the other side of the street.

Pratik Sharan had just stepped out of the mall, few steps away from the spot where the dead body lied. Carrying a new set of Gucci shoes for his wife in the shopping bag, he was in high spirits wondering how much she would be surprised and happy to see this gift. But this sudden crime scene took away all his glee, all the more because he saw a man, wearing a hoodie crossing the street. That eerie man turned slightly, looking back from the corner of his eye, without revealing his face, hiding easily under the oversized hoodie he was wearing. Pratik knew there was something fishy about this gentleman.  

"Murder in the Daylight" is a Maze Book. In maze books, the reader controls the flow of the story by choosing options at the end of each chapter. There are many possible endings to the story, with different suspects caught and being taken into police custody. But in only one possible situation, the real culprit is caught. So let's solve the case...


Prasanjit Saha
Last Online: Saturday 11/08/18 | Published on: Wednesday 04/07/18

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