A man of humble beginnings, Shangkar is the son of a farmer. As he follows his father’s footsteps, his journey leads him away from his childhood home. And he meets a beautiful, intelligent young woman named Shirley. There’s no doubt about it: Shangkar’s in love. But things don’t go as smoothly as he would like. Disaster strikes, and the two must face it together. Will the lessons of hard work and patience Shangkar’s father taught him help them nurture a lasting love and a good life together?


Tashi Gyeltshen
Last Online: Sunday 19/08/18 | Published on: Sunday 03/06/18

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2018-06-03 13:52:34

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Life History

Their Adventures

Their Journey


At First Sight

Revealing Love

Enriching Relationship

A Gift

On a Honeymoon

At a Club

On a Christmas Celebration

Amazing Sightseeing

Act Plays

At Shirley's Home and Misunderstanding

Love and Life Break Down

After Six Years-New Life

Into Trouble


New Life after a Release

Grief and Consolation

A Daughter's Discovery

Happy Union

Reader Reviews and Feedback:

1. Tashi Dorji (Rated 5/5) : "GOOD Romance "
2. Pema Choden (Rated 4/5) : "Riveting Romance Novel "
3. Tenzin Gyeltshen (Rated 4/5) : "page turning novel. "
4. Gyeltshen Dorji (Rated 5/5) : "Unputdownable book, really "
5. Anonymous (Rated 5/5) : "Loving novel"

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