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                         Speech on Academic Performance 


WELCOME to the ACADEMIC Romance. First half-term of the academic session, comprising nearly 5 months was over, yet we have another same-length term two. Now, it’s high time to reflect on our academic success. In this regard, our school has a unique culture called Tashi Delek Lunch. We kept the theme of our celebration as Academic Romance. Teachers give their hearts and students try their best. What a moment to be cherished always!

It is not a big surprise yet it is certain that it’s a moment to cultivate the sense of shared-responsibility between a student and a teacher for the academic success. The one would be shocked, wondering would there have such romance between students and teachers? But, unsurprisingly it’s a lot more than the romance of love. Like love, the perpetual all-the-feels growth of romance between a student and a teacher is indispensable to institute the fraternity of learning in school. We know we are making a way forward to better learning.

We know you always put your heart and soul into learning. Keep it up. Congratulations to you all. You have maintained above 70 percent.

But your success is not an end. I am fully optimistic in Churchillian saying,  (Winston Churchill) I quote,” Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” I unquote. 

Over this light lunch it’s now time to rejoice the moment to cherish our success story keeping your home-made yummies out of your mind for some time. Please feel free to keep your heart open while you lunch it.

Indeed we are full of pride. Together we stand to be firm believers to realize that we are precious to each other. We treasure out as always that we live in the world where the trust is kept in touch. We have been always on the odyssey of learning adventures. Leaning should go on and on. Our hearts thump always in true delight. It’s because you are the reasons. It makes a story for us that the teacher-student romance over this Tashi Delek lunch is not just a celebration, but also a rethinking moment to grapple the academic challenges for the future endeavor.

Hope we are making sacrifices for each other’s learning and growth. In every single minute, every bit of efforts we made, against the odds, is exclusively enough to feel its impacts on an occasion like this. The moment is short, but it excites big in our hearts.

All in all, we are trying our best. It is very exciting to know that we have been treasuring what is best in ourselves. And it is enough that if we have to know, we need to know that success is not enough. It is a starting point. 








Tashi Gyeltshen
Last Online: Sunday 19/08/18 | Published on: Thursday 09/08/18

Tashi Gyeltshen is the author of this content.

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