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In the shop of a towering mall

I entered to buy a pair of shoes and some socks

Salesman welcomed me with broad smile

And showed me the shoes of several design.

He showed me a good courtesy

And offered me a fancy chair to sit

I was pleased to see his behavior

And didn't bother to give price whatever he said.

How happy I was to hear it

When he offered me the warranty of three months!

It wasn't sufficient enough

He escorted me till entrance.

But it didn't take me long

To visit the shop once more.

My shoes got torn soon

And reached the shop with my shoes.

He investigated the shoes carefully,

heaved a sigh and then announced confidently

"Sir, shoes got torn so easily

And for this we are sorry"

But you didn't follow instructions well

See our term and condition yourself.

I was shocked to hear it 

and came out angrily.

When I saw a cobbler under the shade

And shoes hanging on the nail.

He saw me with hopeful eyes

and kept shoes near by me.

He neither offered me a fancy chair to sit

nor any word of courtesy

But he assured me the quality.

I took the shoes of less price

and shoes lasted me for a long time.

Whenever I crossed from the towering mall

I see the people swarm from all around.

They produce low quality

But offer it with false smile.

The cobbler near the road side

With the shoes of good quality

gente nature with truthful word

and always expecting someone to arrive at his shop.






Kumud Ranjan
Last Online: Sunday 19/08/18 | Published on: Saturday 04/08/18

Kumud Ranjan is the author of this content.

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