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We all have different faces

we all carry different colors

but there is one thing in common 

we all want, must want someone in our life,

and that someone is a true friend 

they understand our all faces

they convert every color of your life into joy

they are like open books

they hold on you tightly in your hard times,

and refuse to turn their back,

they fight back with you and protect you

they are someone we want to see shine brightly  

they are someone,

we want in our life,

we can always count on,

who makes us feel special,

we can trust blindly,

always their for you,

always make time for you.

we dont want to let their hand go

we cant imagine our life without them 

your success is their success,

your failure is their failure 

in your happiness,  

they are more happy then you.

a true friend is a diamond,

a diamond with no price tag

we all search for it 

no matter from where we see,

it is always shining 

we all want to wear that diamond,

because that diamond is a true friend 

so make true friends,

and make people to remember your friendship,

make it shine like a diamond 

friendship is a strongest bond,

we can ever have. 









Nandani Pandey
Last Online: Monday 24/09/18 | Published on: Saturday 08/09/18

Nandani Pandey is the author of this content.

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1. srv (Rated 4/5) : "explicitly written..!keep writing buddy..!"

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