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The days of glory have long gone past

Just a story to be told

The buzz and excitement did not last

Only in memories they'd unfold


Realities of life had struck a blow

While I reeled under its strain

It took with it the love and glow

Leaving me to deal with pain


Though in a crowd, alone was I

Bereft, shattered and lost

The thorny path caught my eye

And I realized what love had cost


As I stood there looking, all alone

At the vast and barren land

Escaping my lips was a whimper and moan

And emptiness in my hand


Wiping my tears I moved ahead

Knowing the pain I'd face

I chose to face the strain instead

Than return to the rat race


Together we'd be, I believed so

Through old age and youth

Alone I came, alone I shall go,

It's time I faced the truth







Smruti Sinha
Last Online: Friday 17/08/18 | Published on: Wednesday 08/08/18

Smruti Sinha is the author of this content.

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1. Aparna (Rated 5/5) : "Very poignant . Beautifully written "

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