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Life of a Copywriter

Your Cabin

  • Your cabin is a mess. With stacks of paper bundles, files, CDs, notebooks, reference copies, sticky notes. Yeah, also your table decors occupying some corner’s minimal space with no choice. Spilled coffee stains, dropped pomegranate seeds, chocolate wrappers underneath your table, charger cables hanging down and lot of unnamed stuff piled up inside your cabin draw.

Your Mind

  • More often, you would hear your ‘other you’ reading out copies and taglines while you’re driving/ swimming/ walking from other ads which are around you. You end up cursing the ‘other you’ for being so aware of the copywriting world.
  • You end up envying other copywriters’ words power or you end up cursing them for a stupid copy.
  • Words that grab your attention
    • Copy
    • Advertisement
    • Proof
    • Edit
    • Bodyline
    • Subedit
    • Article
    • Oh, hell!

Your Body

  • Having your body a stretch becomes your habit. Even in theatres, dinner tables, hospitals, bus seats wherever you are seated you stretch your body as long as you can (along with a yawn) and caress yourself.
  • Your fingers will start playing on the keyboard like a phenomenal keyboard player. The words you type will create music by the press on the keys. Eventually, you start purchasing hand therapy ball or hand gripper to energize your fingers from tired.   Or at least a finger-massage will be a request.

Your co-workers

  • You tend to thrash them up while someone interrupts you during copywriting. “Wait, there was a word on mind about to come out, but you made it fly away with your uninvited entry!” That would be your inside-ṁind. Your mouth would say,” Hey, how may I help you?”
  • They seem to play caroms, eat snacks, chat gossips and observe you plunged into your laptop monitor. They’ll be confused if you really have so much work.
  • Whenever business executive approaches you for creating a new copy, your mind would say, “oh, No! Not again. Leave me alone you crap!” On your face, you would have a big smile and give him/her a warm welcome to discuss on the campaign.
  • You will give a look to the account executive like, “What? Will I get fired? Fine, go on!” every time you do this, but you never get fired. To pity you.

Your Boss

  • She/He never gets tired of you, for that matter, she/he will keep you engaged in much work and make you tired of yourself.
  • “That’s an amazing job, well done, keep it up” you would hear all these, despite of your shit work. Encouragement for the betterment, man!
  • Your mails will receive her/him after 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and her/his replies will reach you a day later.

Your Soul

  • You just love writing man! However worse the scenario goes, you fall in love with words & languages again and again. Your soul is always as happy as a Larry, when it comes to copy. Or wait, aren’t you? Oh!

But Do keep writing, for it makes you feel alive! Happy Copy-writing!






Ranjitha Ravindran
Last Online: Saturday 08/09/18 | Published on: Wednesday 29/08/18

Ranjitha Ravindran is the author of this content.

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