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Waiting to hitch a ride

scratching those red red bums

terribly sore due to wild grass

even cold water won't make it numb.

Itch itch itch and it goes all along

few green blades poking in thong

oh how long this is going to prolong!


There goes a bike, I wave in desperation

splashes mud on me, without hesitation.

There goes a car, playing the blues

no notice of me, he continues to cruise.

There goes a truck, almost crushing a deer

Oh damn! I am lucky, he must be drunk on beer.


There goes a cycle, thankfully the man stops

alas, my itching butt is already doing flip-flops.

He asks, "Can I help?", dismounting from the seat

I say, "yes there is another friend down the street."

He looks the other side, I hop on the bicycle

pedaling like Lance Armstrong, bum in the air

I did fool the man, but that just seemed fair.


Image Credits: https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/background

Background vector created by Iconicbestiary - Freepik dot com


Arjita Gupta
Last Online: Monday 13/08/18 | Published on: Monday 06/08/18

Arjita Gupta is the author of this content.

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