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Babu had taken his black cow to a field for grazing when he heard a loud thump. Turning over, he saw the milk bucket fallen on the ground and a cat slurping the fresh milk. He was so angry that he threw a stone at the cat, which promptly sprang to safety. She sat licking her paws. Babu was upset. He sat on the grass burying his head in hands. The cat was on the milk again and enjoying its prized meal but looking at Babu it hid in a bush. Babu followed the cat and was surprised to find a gold earring there. The earring was the same his wife had lost a few days ago when she had accompanied him to sell the milk. He picked up the cat, who by now no more hungry, responded to Babu's caress under its chin. He gave it shelter for the night. In the morning he fed kitty some more milk. After which the kitty went to the backyard and curled to sleep. Babu surprisingly found a 50 rupees note there.

After filling the milk buckets, he made way to the market along with the cow and the cat. In the market, Babu put up a mini stall as usual and started calling out to the people, in a sing-song manner, "fresh milk with magical powers, only 130 rupees a litre, fresh milk, fresh milk".  Many people gathered around the stall enquiring about the milk and its magical powers. Once Babu had the attention of people, he cleared his throat and addressed in a serious tone. "My friends, everyday you find me selling milk here at Rs. 16 per litre. But, today I have special news to share with you." He lifted the cat and showed it to the crowd, and said, "This cat drank my new cow's milk today. After drinking the milk, it showed me the gold earrings, which my wife had lost a few days ago. And today, after drinking the milk, it directed me to a spot where I found a 50 rupees note."

The crowd broke out in laughter. Babu in a firm voice, continued, "I know it is hard to believe and I cannot prove it to you right away since the cat is already fed and cannot drink anymore milk. This is why I request you to come to the market tomorrow where I will feed the kitty the cow's milk and you would be able to see the miracle for yourself." The crowd trusted Babu as he was a milkman for 10 years now, visiting the market every day.  Everyone bought the magic milk from him and dispersed. The next morning as promised, Babu was there  with the cow and the cat. In front of the people, he served the cat some milk in a bowl. After feeding the cat, it fell asleep. After a few minutes it woke up and walked towards a bush.

Babu shouted, "Did you see that? The cat is definitely showing us some hidden wealth". But at the spot, they did not find anything, even after digging the earth 6 feet deep. The people now tired and angry demanded Babu to refund the excess money charged for the milk. Witnessing the commotion, the cat shot past the people, never to be seen again in the market. The people now turned to Babu, who said, "Do not look at me that way. Don’t you understand? We have been saved from a great tragedy. It was the cat that had fooled us. The cat had spilled all the milk the day I found it. I guess it wanted to attack the cow and perhaps it would have attacked all the cows in the village eventually. I should have believed the cow when it had given a disapproving mooo seeing the cat, the very first time. My cow is innocent, it was that black cat. It was pure evil. It enticed me. I am sure it was a witch in disguise. I promise to bring the cat to you if I find it. Let us be more careful from now onwards." The cow mooed again.




Arjita Gupta
Last Online: Monday 13/08/18 | Published on: Friday 03/08/18

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