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A raven was perched atop a tree near a pond. Its shadow was reflecting on calming waters. A fisherman walked past and looking at the raven, he said, “Go away, I am not going to give you any of my catch”. The raven did not budge, and continued staring at the fisherman. The fisherman prepared the bait and swung the fishing rod into the pond. Soon, he had accumulated fine number of fishes, which he placed in his huge hat.  The hat was upside down, resting on a stone. Every time the fisherman put a fish in the hat, he chuckled with glee and teased the raven. It was almost evening now; the sun was going to set.

Finally, the fisherman emptied the hat and started counting the number of fishes. While he was busy counting the fishes, the raven swooped and took the hat by its beak, flying away to a distant tree. The fisherman tried to stop the raven, but was unsuccessful. He shook his fist towards the raven, who was teasing him by waving the hat in front of the man from a distance, as if challenging him to come get the hat. The fisherman had it enough. Suddenly he got a brilliant idea. He threw a fish towards the raven, looking at which the raven did leave the hat. The fisherman began to run towards the tree to retrieve the hat.

In the midst of all, the raven flew towards the mount of fishes that the man had caught and began feasting on them. The fisherman realized that the raven had played him, and while he got the hat back in good condition, the fishes, whatever was left of them, were spoiled and punctured. He understood there was no point shooing the raven away now. He looked at it solemnly while the bird ate the fishes one by one. After it was done, it flew away. The fisherman was left with just one fish, which he had thrown to distract the raven from keeping his hat.


Moral of the Story: I would like readers to share what they think of it! Comment and let me know your thoughts.


Arjita Gupta
Last Online: Monday 13/08/18 | Published on: Thursday 02/08/18

Arjita Gupta is the author of this content.

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