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The problem with most of us is that we prefer to grasp things without looking deeper. There are many tales in different religions that tell us why knowledge is not a desirable fruit. Today, in a world where knowledge and intelligence are marketed as the only means to a happy life, wisdom is totally ignored. Yes, wisdom and knowledge are two very different things. Knowledge can be quite dangerous if handled by people without wisdom.

I am sure many of my readers are already disappointed by my viewpoint. Here are some simple examples of how knowledge can be the venom that percolates to destroy the very existence of this world:

Nuclear Fission

This is one of the best examples that knowledge, if handled by the wrong people or with the wrong intentions, can leave generations destroyed. True that the nuclear fission reaction has the ability to generate enormous energy. True also that energy is the need of the hour, especially with the excessive pace of population growth. Yet, while the knowledge of nuclear fission brought this impeccable exposure to power, it also brought the atom bomb that devastated life around the world for so many generations. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the greatest blots in human history. It is the clear evidence that even the potential for immense power can be used to devastate and destroy the world.


Today, we are all aware of the threat plastic is posing to environment. We know the implications of excessive use of plastic and we know we need to give it up. Yet, the convenience plastics offer prevents us from doing the needful. Plastics are very useful, yes! And whatever is of immense use can be of immense harm too. People usually opt for what seems convenient, even if it harms in the long run. That is the reason why people are unwilling to give up the use of plastic.

Those who discovered the fission reaction or the plastic products had intelligence so they came across this knowledge. Yet, somewhere they lacked the foresight or wisdom to prevent its publicity. The knowledge that they surely intended to benefit humanity and mankind today act as the biggest challenges to the same.

These are still enormous and world changing examples. Knowledge, at any level, needs to be handled with discretion. One needs to filter his speech and convey only after gauging all the implications. One also needs to be sure of his own intention before sharing the knowledge. People often wish to be appreciated for their intelligence but this should never be the motive behind sharing the knowledge you possess.

Internet and The Information Explosion

Internet has changed the world in many ways than one. True, it has given access to more information that we ever had before. The people now have exposure to things they could never imagine knowing a few decades back. True, that this helps to an extent to avoid exploitation and to bring about positive change in the world. I am sure, a few decades back, I would never be in a position to share my views like this and expect strangers to read it. This is an opportunity that the internet has given us. But are we all using it in the right way?

The Two Sides of Emotional Marketing

Many companies today understand how people are drawn easily by emotional ads. One or two good emotional ads that remind us to care and to forgive always make us feel positive. But, when the companies make that the next vogue, their only goal being to make it viral, we start despising the whole tactic. The drooping standards of some of the advertisements and the overuse of emotions to advertise products have quite an opposite effect. We all actually become immune to emotions. We lose the softness that humanity needs to possess. Then, even at times when we are faced with real emotions, we turn a blind eye.

Nothing Shared Seems True

In our childhood, haven’t we heard the tale of the shepherd and the tiger. Since he lied a few times about the tiger just for fun, people ignored him completely when the real tiger arrived. This is what is happening today. We come across real life stories being used by companies simply to market their websites. One or two of them seem motivating but when everyone out there is only sharing the miseries of life and how they got over it, it gets annoying. You start wondering whether the real-life stories are actually real or are they just a marketing gimmick.

Overdoing anything is actually scary. The balance plays a major role in maintaining happiness and stability. If each individual vows to behave responsibly, not misusing his knowledge for his personal gains, the world will surely be a much better place. Just think about it!

Please Note: Whatever I have shared here are my personal views. You can share your views to my opinion and they are equally welcome.








Reshmi Nair
Last Online: Sunday 19/08/18 | Published on: Wednesday 08/08/18

Reshmi Nair is the author of this content.

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