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True that we have all evolved from animals. Yet, we are humans, the most evolved creatures. We are among the few creatures capable of affection, compassion and love. These are things that make us superior than other creatures. Most women are blessed to live the beautiful years of motherhood. Yet, not all handle it quite well. There are many mothers who let the animal instinct take over them while being mothers. Does this statement sound bizarre? Have a look and you will surely come across mothers who behave just like animals or birds while raising their kids. If you wish to raise human kids, you have to do a bit more than the other species in nature.

Here is what you shouldn’t be:

Don’t Be the Cuckoo

Cuckoo is among the shrewdest mothers you get to see in nature. The cuckoo does not build its own nest. It lays its egg in a crow’s nest, many times kicking out one of crow’s eggs, to maintain the proper count. The crow brings the chick up assuming it is the crow’s chick.

True, it is easy to push the parenting responsibilities on others and walk away. Yet, what is easy is definitely not the best way. When you give birth to a child, you hold a certain responsibility as a mother. The child needs a mother’s care and nurture in the growing years and you must not betray your child of that.

Don’t Be the Spider

Spiders take up their responsibility as a mother too seriously. The young spiders feast on their mother’s flesh to get nutrients. Once the mother is over and done with, they cannibalise their siblings till only the strongest remain. These surviving spiders walk out of their webs to create their own special webs.

There are mothers out there who are so eager to please their first-borns, that they give the kid everything the kid asks for. They fail to discipline the child when they should. They fulfill the child’s wishes at the cost of other children’s rights at times. Like the spider, you are teaching your child to be very selfish. Someday, the child’s selfishness will grow to an extent that he will trample your joys and freedom too before stepping on rights of others. Don’t you let this happen.

Don’t Be the Eagle

I just read about the eagles kicking out their chicks when they are ready to fly and that too from great heights. The rule of the jungle is that only the toughest survive. The chicks that flap their wings learn to fly, the rest probably die.

Being strict on certain things is good. Yet, don’t be so strict that a child fears you or hides things from you. All children are born different. Some children grasp the facts of life a little late. So, don’t you throw your child down the cliff of reality hoping it would learn to fly. Be a slow and patient trainer. This way your child may take time to learn but the lesson will be well learnt.

Don’t Be the Lioness

The lioness acts to be injured by the cub’s bites to encourage the cub. This is a part of training the cubs to grow up into the kings of carnivores.

There are mothers out there who wish to add to the confidence of their children. So, they lose in the games letting the child win or appreciate where they don’t deserve it. This may add to their confidence but the chances are more that it will add to their ego ad fake pride. They may not try to learn the game and won’t ever be able to accept failures. Such children may even become bullies. Do not allow this to happen.

Be Just the Human Mother You Are Meant to Be

While the temptation to take it easy and not play your role as a human mother well maybe high, think about it. Being the mothers from the most evolved species on this earth, don’t we hold a responsibility? Shouldn’t we make sure we are not just the predators or the preys, we are above that cycle? A few simple things help us remain the superior species we are:

·        Be strict on discipling the child while sharing the warmth of your care to make the child understand through love.

·        Take up the responsibility of motherhood and teach them to be responsible children too.

·        Never push your kids on others and never deprive them of affection and care they truly deserve.

·        Teach them to share and care rather than be selfish and competitive.

·        Give them confidence by appreciating their good deeds while correcting them when they go wrong.

Remember mothers, you lay the foundation of a society and you have an important role to play. It is difficult, it is challenging, it is a thankless job and yet it decides what the next generation will be like!









Reshmi Nair
Last Online: Sunday 19/08/18 | Published on: Friday 03/08/18

Reshmi Nair is the author of this content.

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