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All of us are well aware of the problems that cripple our society and torture humanity. We understand that things need to be changed. We understand that all people need to be treated with equal respect. We know that we need to take care of nature before things get out of hand. We know the hazards of each manmade invention. We are aware of the things that trouble humanity. Yet, we most often wait for a revolution to happen. Why is change such an impossible thing? Here are a few reasons I have come across:

We Think We Can’t Make A Difference

We all have many good intentions. We wish we could stop people from afforestation. We hope people are more conscious about neatness and hygiene. We are upset when we see all vegetables loaded with fertilizers and not giving enough nutrition. We want to change all this but when we consider it, it appears like a very big change. It cannot be implemented in a jiffy. If we need to be heard, we need to be in an influential position and that appears like a long journey. Now, if everyone doesn’t quit plastic, just my quitting it won’t impact the environment greatly or so we think. This is the thought that prevents us from doing our bit.

When you have such thoughts in mind, remember the tale from Shiv Khera:

‘A little boy was picking fishes that were washed ashore and throwing them back into the sea. One man came and said to him that it barely matters because in the next tide some more will be washed ashore. You cannot save them all, then what is the use? The boy had replied to this in his firm tone that it mattered to that particular fish’.

We must keep this in mind. Plant one tree, grow a few fresh vegetables, curtail plastic use as far as possible, stand up for someone in your circle against injustice and do your bit. Yes, the world won’t change as a whole but you will be doing your bit for sure.

We Know It Is Easier to Go with The Flow

When there is a rule on plastic ban, you suddenly become more conscious about use of plastic. You avoid it and lecture others on the harm. When there are movements out there supporting equality of rights, you may shout out your support for transgenders too. But when you are held in a circle that you are aware hold opposite views, you are not strong enough to speak your views. We all prefer to go with the flow. We are well aware of the hazards of going against the flow. The greatest men in history like Copernicus suffered for their right views because the society didn’t hold the same views.

True, it is difficult to stand up in a society and state a completely opposite view, even if it is right. We are not all as strong as Copernicus. Yet, in your own circles, where you know you won’t be killed for voicing your opinions, speak up. There maybe a slight conflict but face it. We can start small by making sure everyone at our home is treated equally. Decide you will stand up against bullying and bias. It is a small beginning but it does count.

We Don’t See Any Credits or Rewards in Taking the Right Step

Most of us are brought up with promises of instant gratification. Work well and you will get promoted. Behave properly and you will get an extra candy. Children or grownups, it doesn’t matter really. Everyone out there is doing anything they are doing with expectation of better returns. Reformation or positive change doesn’t happen that way. Your deeds may even be noticed after you are gone, that too if you are lucky. If you wish to change the world so that people appreciate you, that is a very wrong start. Start a new tradition of celebrating birthdays by planting trees. Prevent your children from ever discriminating between genders. Encourage their deeds of kindness. Find ways to reduce plastic by coming up with interesting replacements at your home. Even when you plant a sapling, it takes months to bloom a flower. Your actions will be quite like that. Because unlike ATM Machines where you insert card and withdraw money, good deeds are like plants that require years of perseverance to get the first result.

You still think it is difficult? Here are a few suggestions you may try out today:

·        Among your circles, make it a habit to plant a tree for every birthday celebration.

·        Replace plastic bags with steel containers for buying meat.

·        Replace plastic bags with bags stitched from old clothes, a wise way to recycle worn clothes.

·        Teach the boys and girls to cook, look after household affairs and take responsibility of actions during their growing years.

·        Fight mobile addiction by having 4 hours mobile free when your gadgets will be switched off. Make use of this time in your real social circles.

·        Appreciate people when they do a good deed because that can act as a big perk.

·        Be willing to show gratitude openly.

·        Be strong enough to accept your fears.

·        Replace those hours in the gym with a walk through nature trails. It is healthy and soothes the stress.

True, we are not all born to be revolutionaries but start by changing your circles and that is good enough. Once you do all you can, it will add to your confidence. Your positivity will spill over to others and inspire others in the right direction. Start today, know you have some responsibility towards the society, nature and nation you live in.






Reshmi Nair
Last Online: Sunday 19/08/18 | Published on: Thursday 02/08/18

Reshmi Nair is the author of this content.

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