Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. ​What is woXpert?

A. woXpert is an independent publishing platform where authors can publish there book for free, readers can read for​ free, but the authors earn every time readers read the book. To know more about us click here.

Q. ​​How do I contact customer support?

A. You can reach us anytime at, we will get back to you asap.​

Q. ​​Is there any mobile app for woXpert?

A. No, not yet...coming soon... stay tuned ;)

Q. ​​How secure is woXpert?

A. woXpert is hosted with AWS provided by Amazon, which is one of the most secure servers on the planet. Also, we do not take any critical personal information from readers, except their contact details, which is mostly for updates and user verification. Thus, woXpert is as secure as it can be!

Q. ​​Can I share any book or page on social media?

A. You can always copy-paste the website URL to share any book or page in any social media. Alternatively, we are working heavily to improve the interlinking of social media with the platform for easy and quick sharing.

Q. ​​Who can be author on woXpert?

A. I, you, she, he...anyone! Anyone can be an author on woXpert platform.


Q. ​​Why do I need to create account to read books?

A. When you create your account, we are able to suggest you better books and content based on your browsing history. We are able to customize the platform as per your reading style. We also need your basic info to provide the author about the demographical analytical data. In future, we would be able to suggest you right ads based on this data.

Q. ​​How does it work?

A. woXpert is very ease to use. Open our website, browse through books, open the one you like and start reading!

Q. ​​Can I resume my incomplete book, which I last read ?

A. Of course! By default, when you open a book you were reading, it will open to the page you left with. (Automatic bookmark-ing)

Q. Can I save the words which I have learned while reading the book?

A. Yes, this feature should be live any moment.

Q. Can I share the particular phrase of the book in social media?

A. Yes, this feature should be live too!

Q. Can I read any book for free on woXpert?

A. Yes. woXpert will be free for readers.


Q. How does it work?

A. Simply upload the book by filling up the form, and your book should be live within 24-48 hours.

Q. Does woXpert consider books from author located out of India?

A. Yes, woXpert is a global platform.

Q. Can authors be readers?

A. Yes, but the author has to create separte reader profile.

Q. What is the logic of royalty to be paid for any book?

A. Royalty on book is calculated using a complex algorithm, which considers two major variables from your side, mainly number of pages and number of words in the book. Many more variables are used to calculate the royalty, which we cannot disclose as of now. However, we have seen that the royalty we would pay would be mostly double of Indian publishing industry standards.

Q. How will I get paid for royalty of my book?

A. Royalty payment would be released to the author everytime the royalty due to him crosses the threshold of Rs.500. As soon as the author requests for payment after the threshold due amount is crossed, we request you to provide bank details where you would want to receive payment.

Q. Do you maintain version of the books?

A. Yes, this feature is already active in our backend code. It would be made visible to you in few days.

Q. Is there maximum file size, I can upload?

A. As of now, we do not have any limit.

Q. Will all my books will be shown in my profile page?

A. Yes, all the books that you have uploaded will be shown on your profile page.

Q. Can I check what is the royalty amount clubbed in till date?

A. Yes, each author will be provided with a separate private dashboard where he can monitor various activities on his book, as well as the amount earned and clubbed till date.

Q. Can I check how many readers have read my book?

A. Yes, the dashboard that you are provided with, will show this, and many other details which you would find useful.