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Indian Languages Typing Tool
How to type in other languages?
We have developed an extremey user-friendly typing system. Simply, type the phonetic sound of the word, and enter space (hit space-bar button) after the word. The word will automatically change to the desired language text. If the text is not correct, hit "backspace" button twice, and you will see the suggested spellings in the drop down. You can further modify the text by retyping a different phonetic sound. For example, when you type "hindi" and hit spacebar button, the text is modified to "हिंदी".

It takes little time to get a hang of it, but when you become comfortable, you can type around 50 words a minute.
As far we have tested, it works only on laptops and desktops- i.e, it doesn't work when website is browsed through mobile phone.
If the download doesn't start on click of the button, check whether your browser allows downloads or is it block.
If you face any difficulty, write to us at