Why woXpert.com?

woXpert.com is the most unique platform curated for authors to publish their books, because here, the author can publish for free, readers can read for free, but the author earns everytime the reader reads the book. This platform is of the authors, by the authors, for the authors. woXpert is aimed to distrupt the age-old traditional book publishing industry using technology and keeping authors the top most priority.

"As a new author, I faced two major challenges while trying to publish my book: 1. No publisher was ready to publish books of amateurs, 2. No reader was ready to buy self-published books of unkown authors. That is where the idea of platform for woXpert struck me".

- Prasanjit Saha (co-founder, woXpert)

What is woXpert.com?

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Distrupt the Publising Industry

Reduce monopolistic power of publishers of control over content being published, by providing alternative better and cloud technology powered platform for books and novels.

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Re-engineer Reading Experience

Readers still stick to reading paperback books because digital books fail to provide better experience of reading, which we want to change forever.

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Give Fair Chance

An equal and fair opportunity to all authors to be published and their books read. The readers will have the choice to read the one they like.

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Reduce Carbon Footprint

Millions of trees are cut and manufactured into books each year. We will reduce the carbon footprint of this hobby by providing a better reading experience on your device.

Some of Our Valuable Authors

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Pooja C Sanil

Never quit your daydream

"Words have the power to weave magic" Learn More

Woxpert Author Since 28.05.2018

Last Login on 20.08.2018
Total Submissions: 4

Shamik Dhar

Just another guy with some ...

"Write so well that you no longer need to introduce yourself!" Learn More

Woxpert Author Since 17.05.2018

Last Login on 20.08.2018
Total Submissions: 4

Annemarie Musawale

creativity defined

"life throws you curveballs you’re maybe not prepared for. it makes you wonder ..." Learn More

Woxpert Author Since 26.05.2018

Last Login on 20.08.2018
Total Submissions: 7

Karthick Hemabushanam


""Always try to perform as you are the best in the world. Let ..." Learn More

Woxpert Author Since 20.07.2018

Last Login on 19.08.2018
Total Submissions: 10

Prasanta Kumar Chatterjee (PK)

May the soul of the ...

"There is nothing called joy or woe. You only create it as your own ..." Learn More

Woxpert Author Since 05.08.2018

Last Login on 19.08.2018
Total Submissions: 3

Manik Chandra Goswami

Ondhokarer badha dingiye, sob protibondhokota ...

"Satarer kala koushal sob majhir-i jana. kintu odokkho opotu notun majhir khsamata seemito." Learn More

Woxpert Author Since 22.05.2018

Last Login on 19.08.2018
Total Submissions: 16

Reshmi Nair

Don't be the irritating, polluting ...

"Don't Die Before You Cease To Breathe.." Learn More

Woxpert Author Since 17.07.2018

Last Login on 19.08.2018
Total Submissions: 14


Rules exist for us, we ...

"For what one wants to earn from others, he has to be first in ..." Learn More

Woxpert Author Since 26.05.2018

Last Login on 19.08.2018
Total Submissions: 2

How will we achieve this target?

After rigorous brainstorming of nearly 2 years, we have built a scalable business model, and a very strong and compelling concept:

Upload and List Books

We are requesting all unpublished authors to upload and list their books on our platform. The entire on-boarding process is simple, free and easy. Once the book is approved, you are good to go.

Inviting Readers

We DO NOT market your book, but only provide technology to make the book a success. You will invite your friends, friends of friends, colleagues and family to read the book at woXpert, for free.

Disbursing to Author

Everytime a book is read for full, we pay the author. If the book is not completely read, we pay proportionately. The amount is disbursed to author's bank account everytime the threshold total amount (now at Rs.500) is reached.


We do not charge the readers. We pay the authors. The royalty we pay is nearly double of tradional publishing industry standards. We pay proportionate royalty even if the book is not read for full.

Why is woXpert being started?

woXpert idealogy (with respect to authors) is based on the following:

The Publishing Industry

90% or more manuscripts are rejected by publishers. 90,000 books are published in India*, which means 8,10,000 books are not published.

Self-Publishing Industry

This pseudo-publishing industry takes money from you to get you published. Instead of earning, you end up paying huge money (mostly north of 20k Rs.)

The Right Quality

Many times, good stories are rejected and not-so-good ones get published, which means the readers do not get to enjoy reading the right qualty of content.

Can't Get Viral

Due to its very nature, physical books cannot become viral and become a buzzword in social media overnight (unless written by celebrity author).

Analytics and Feedback

One book bought can be read by many readers, or by none. Sales figures cannot provide correct analytics and feedback on the book.

Environment Impact

Millions of unread books are gathering dust in unseen warehouses, posing tremendous environment impact due to unproductive output of cut trees.

woXpert Vs. Traditional Vs. Self-Publishing

Publishing @ woXpert Traditional Publishing Self Publishing
Upfront Cost It's Free, and will always be No Charges Anywhere between INR 10,000 to 1lakh
Royalty Transparency 100% transparent No Transparency Some Transperancy
Do readers have to pay? No. Yes. Yes.
Waiting time Almost no waiting time 30 - 45 days 15 - 30 days
Ease of getting readers Very easy. Nothing can be easier than this! Very tough Moderately tough
Analytics and Feedback Real-time analytics and clear feedback system Readers' feedback scattered in various sites Same as in traditional publishing.

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