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Tashi Gyeltshen was born on May 29, 1985 in Bhutan, a tiny Himalayan landlocked country, blessed with its rich archetypal biodiversity besides its sacred Buddhist culture and tradition - which is one of the pillars of Gross National Happiness(GNH) among others; a guiding philosophy to measure the people’s happiness as an indicator of its development. He has a Bachelor Degree in Education and Literature.

He writes in all the genres. The words in the sentences of his any works are simple and realistic with the literary merits. He has also been awarded the first place from the poem titled - “A Vow” that was contributed to the Latin Heritage Foundation on 29th August 2011, in the poetry book entitled –“Whispers of the heart.” The most of his past works are based on the Bhutanese culture and interest, but he also has a broader understanding of western literature like the one depicted in this novel – “A Pretty Souvenir of the Twentieth Century.” He has also been the author of the past three books that are sold internationally. The titles are:

i.                    Throb of Loneliness

ii.                 Value-based Modern Essays

iii.               A Soup for the Souls


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