High School: Kerala Samajam Model School, Jamshedpur, India

College: St. Xaviers College, Calcutta, India

Post Grads: XLRI Jamshedpur, India


Currently Living In: Jamshedpur, India

Traveled to: Most of North India, some cities of North East India. Also to Mumbai, Bangkok, etc.

Other Info

Hobbies: Coding, Writing Poems, reading books and research papers.

Languages Known: English, Hindi, Bengali

Been There, done that.


Some people do one thing (one job) all their life, some people do all the things in one life. I am the latter type. I never had the taste of doing a "job". And from 2009 (the year I graduated) till today, I have started 3 new ventures, 4 new websites, got interviewed in several media, wrote songs and sold them, and also wrote a book. If that wasn't enough, I got in XLRI PGDM 3year Course, after getting married and becoming a father.

I might be the weirdest of mix you can ever see in a person, but when we meet in person, you will realize I am just the guy-next-door, with same ambitions as well as inhibitions. May be this is the reason why my words resonate well with my readers, and maybe that\'s why they love my book. Maybe this is the reason why my audience is always captivated when I speak. Maybe they see themselves in me...because I am a "bit of everybody".

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