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WOXPERT is an online platform where Authors can publish their work for free, readers can read for free, but the author earns when reader reads. The platform is aimed to disrupt the publishing industry by empowering the authors to take control of their content, reach the readers easily, be appreciated for their skills and earn from their writing.

Woxpert is more than just a website. It is a belief. It is a revolution whose seeds of genesis have been sown. Our logo is but a graphical representation of our belief. woXpert's 3 primary goals (missions) are
C- Convenience of users (the smiley)
E- Equal chance to all authors to be read (equal sign),
S- Sustainability of the environment (the leaf)
CES. These 3 primary goals of CES are built on 3 pillars of woXpert values-
P- Public satisfaction is our main business focus.
S- Social equality by providing all an equal chance to express
R- Responsibility towards our ecological environment.
These 3 pillars (PSR) are the values that support our 3 primary goals (CES). But these goals and values are empowered by technology, which is at the heart of woXpert. Technology is the tool that will enable us to achieve these goals and adhere to these values. Technology is the root cause of woXpert's genesis, survival and growth. The microprocessor (chip) at the center bottom of W represents technology. This is just a beginning of something tremendous. woXpert will soon be a global brand available in every corner of the world, in all the four directions- East, North, South, West. That ring around the "W" represents those 4 directions, the color used to represent each direction is inspired by colors used by Mayan Civilization to represent the four cardinal directions.
Thus, through the logo itself, we are able to express our preference for sustainability of the environment, and it also reminds us of what things we will refrain from doing. For example, we will not go into printing books, or support such activities in any way. The logo serves as a constant reminder.
  • To bring technology advancement to the field of literature, and reduce the carbon footprint of publishing industry.
  • Create value for readers in terms of knowledge, and empower authors with better choices of publishing.
  • Bring together the community of readers and authors on one platform.
  • Authors are our bread and butter- they are content creators and marketers. They are our top priority.
  • Except for premium services (such as ad-free reading, and purchasables), this business is free for readers, and will always be.
  • For the pleasure of reading, we will keep the website reader friendly, and never compromise on reading experience.
Perhaps this is the most important question. If you are a reader, let people know about Woxpert, talk about it with your friends and family. Spread the word! If you are an author, publish a story with us and let the world know how well you can write! If you are a coder, let us know what stack you can build over it. If you want to the readers of the website to know about you or your brand, advertise with us. You can always reach us at
It is hard to give you an address, as various people contribute to the project from various parts of the world, in various ways. Being a startup, we do not have any particular office. But yes, you can reach us at our mail/ phone whenever you want.
In 2009, fresh out of college, Prasanjit Saha was finding it difficult to reach out to potential publishers for his upcoming book. Frustated, he realized that the publishing industry doesn't encourage new authors, no matter how good or bad they were. Together with a friend, they forayed into building a platform for the authors. However, limited by skills and reach, the project came to a standstill. While the friend went ahead to do MBA, Prasanjit completed his book and approached more than 20 publishers all over India. But no one was ready to publish a book by a novice. In 2014, he got his book printed by a professional company, and marketed the book himself.
After a year of poor sales, Prasanjit realized that the problem was not of publishers- it was problem of the readers. With given resource of money, a reader would prefer buying a book by an established author rather than a book by a novice. So, he reworked on the business model and approached few friends from IT background. In 2016, he, along with two of his friends, launched the first version of However, the response was poor, the web design had some serious flaws, and the team lacked long term vision. Woxpert came to standstill again.
Not discouraged by continous failures, Prasanjit restarted the project with a new team of young coders, who were not only dedicated, but also motivated with the vision of the platform. On April 2018, the project was made live, and this is how was born after 9 years of its conception.

Woxpert participated in "Smart Fifty" Organized by IIM Calcutta

Woxpert was Featured in The Telegraph India

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